Mighty Mum 1-1 Private Sessions

Mighty Mum 1-1 Private Sessions

Perhaps it’s time for you to have a time out? Meant in the nicest possible way of course !

Funny isn’t it, how our kids hate this idea when we’d give our back teeth to spend some time alone, in a quiet room, away from all the chaos to spend some time just resting, rebalancing, restoring …

You don’t need to give me your back teeth 😉

But, if you do need some breathing space or some calm, some time to work on feeling better, be that physically, emotionally or mentally or to start working on what you know deep down needs to be fixed, you do need to give me a call, and to invest in some private Mighty Mum sessions.

Here’s the no fuss/cutting to the chase breakdown summary for you;

You’ll leave feeling incredibly relaxed. Like super relaxed. Like the load from the manic life you’ve got going on has suddenly got a lot easier to deal with.

You’ll go to a place of deep stillness and calm, completely unlike anything that’s going on in your life right now. You’ll truly escape it all for a while.

You’ll sleep better at night. You’ll wake up wanting to face the day, rather than dreading what’s coming up.

You’ll feel less irritated and negative.

Your body will start healing and handling your daily stresses and challenges better.

You’ll be investing in your happiness and health. Connecting more to yourself. To your children, family and friends.

These sessions are based on the meditative practice of Yoga Nidra, combined with powerful coaching and empowerment techniques to;

Significantly reduce your stress and anxiety.
Help you manage overwhelm and burnout.
Engage you more deeply in your life and your loves.
Work on deeper issues which are stopping you from moving forward.

Over the course of 60 – 90 minutes, following an initial consultation where we establish your objectives and where you are right now, you’ll receive a personalised, tailored plan which reflects where you are in your life, what you want to change (or maintain) and which will guide you towards connecting you more effortlessly and deeply with the confident, calm and vibrant person you are at your core.

We’ll work on issues such as how to balance the competing demands in your life, how to make shifts in your mental or physical blocks, how to establish boundaries so that you’re not stretched to the point of snapping and how to challenge the feelings of self doubt, self worth and negativity that are stopping you from living the life you want.

You count too, and they get enough.

The kids, your partner, the boss, the in-laws, the preschool committee… – they get enough of you already.

Do you? Do you get enough of your time, love, support, encouragement, belief? The things you give to your family and friends? Do you get enough time alone, the time to recharge and care for yourself, away from all the pressures to reflect on your life, how you feel, where you want to go, what needs to change?

Do you?

daylight-feet-outdoors-1376204We both know you need to, and I know that you are worth it, so if you’d like to chat more about how my sessions could work to help you achieve this, and discover what things could look like moving forwards in your life, schedule a free consultation call with me now.

I have a limited number of spaces available, so organising this call as soon as possible – with absolutely no obligation to begin any sessions with me – is imperative.

(Oh, and my timeouts work, and won’t leave you questioning whether you’ve done the right thing this time, I promise 😉  )

How to get going on your Mighty Mum journey…

Mighty Mum Private Sessions are either 60 -90 minutes in length, depending on what we’re working on together. If you are local, they are held in my studio in Swindon or, if you aren’t local, you can do them remotely via Zoom. You’ll have my support throughout your journey via Messenger, and the option to connect to other Mighty Mums in our private, exclusive facebook group if you would like to.

There is a minimum booking of 2 sessions.

Sessions cost £45 p/h with payment up front. A block of 6-8 sessions is recommended, at the cost of £250 – £330.

To book, please fill out the form below or  email me at happybirthandbeyond@gmail.com (or call me on 07711 810 103)