Happy & Beyond Programme

A Proven, Effective and Deeply Transformative Programme for Mums Who

  • Are Ready To Make Changes to What’s Not Working
  • Are Ready And Craving To Connect Back To Themselves and Their Needs  
  • Are Ready To Get Back to a Happy, Fulfilled Life

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“Let’s keep things simple” you see me writing on my home page.

“Let’s not overcomplicate stuff, bring it back to things that work”…

Easy for me to say though, yes?

What the hell does that even mean anyway??

It’s easy for me to say just relax, calm things down, take a load off isn’t it, when really, honestly…


Don’t get me wrong, some days are good days, things are going OK you think. Not great, but OK. The routine for the children is working, dinner is on the table in time, you’ve made it to the playdates, dentist and supermarket without wasting too much of your day. You’re keeping your head up at work despite being knackered most of the time.

Maybe this Mum thing isn’t too bad after all you think.

But maintaining that positivity, that feeling of being on top of things consistently, is just becoming a bit. too. hard.

Or at least keeping it all up for as long as you’d like to be doing is.

And actually, maybe this Mum thing for you is pretty bad.

Maybe the not-so-good days are outweighing the good ones.

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You know, if you’re being honest with yourself, (and it worries you to admit it – certainly not to others) but you can feel the frustration and irritation, the regrets and anxieties on an almost daily basis now.

And it makes you feel sad.


You feel disconnected, like life is carrying on around you and you’re not involved.

As a Mum you’re the one managing everyone and everything else. Doing bloody everything it feels, even at work. And it’s like no-one can really see you. No one notices.

Sometimes you feel like you must be doing something wrong, you’re just not “getting it”. It looks so much easier for everyone else. Everyone else looks like they’re enjoying being a mum, having a career, looking after their family so much more. They all look so much happier. So much more in control and stable.

Perhaps you’re bursting into tears easily.

Snapping and shouting too often.

Taking yourself off to scream into a pillow.

Perhaps you feel a bit like you’re wearing a mask – that you’re telling yourself and others that you’ve got this, you know your sh*t, you can cope, heck, this is fun, even.

Perhaps you feel guilty, because this motherhood thing, the opportunities you have you should be enjoying them a lot more, you know. You should be much more of a natural at it, particularly since you’ve been doing it for a while now. You hear that voice in your head saying “you don’t know how lucky you are”. “Be careful what you wish for”….

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Except you just want a bit more than “this”.

This monotony, this feeling of constant serving.

“This” – this life as you currently know it.

You want to become…be more than just “this”.

You want to feel less submerged in nothing but children and family life. In a job you don’t enjoy.

You want to feel the truth behind the words you speak when people ask you how you are; “Yeah, I’m good thanks, things are really going well!”.

And you want the accompanying smile to feel authentic, and that behind it you’re not screaming; “that’s bullsh*t actually because to be honest, things are so hard right now. Have been for a while. I feel desperate sometimes. I feel like running away. I’m not the person or mum you think I am…”

But the guilt – my goodness, the guilt for thinking this, and wanting this; it’s unbearable at times.

Coupled with the trust and control “issues” you know you have about the children, the routine, the way things work at home…

Even if you wanted to change things, you couldn’t. Your head and the gremlins in there wouldn’t let you.

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Let me tell you something though: IT’S OK TO WANT TO CHANGE THINGS.
Let’s get that cleared up first.

You are not the first, nor will you be the last Mum who has been pushed to the edge and wants things to be different now.

It doesn’t make you a crappy, uncaring mother.

It doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate your life and all the amazing things in it.

It doesn’t mean you’re a fraud at work.

It does means you need to get a bit more balance.

That somewhere along the line, whether you saw it coming or not, you lost a little bit too much of “you”.

It means it’s time to build your strength and your boundaries, discover or rediscover YOU so that you can enjoy your life, your family life AND the things that light you up, the things that make you, you.

The parts of your old self you miss.

The parts of the changed you you get a glimpse of now and again and want to step into.

The parts of you you crave, want to feel or seek out and be involved in some more.

It means it’s time to reframe things a little. Its time to see yourself as counting just as much as any of the children do, as any of the birthday parties that need organising do, as much as the projects you agreed to help out on at work do, as much as any of the school shoes that need polishing do, as any of the babysitting favours that you commit to do do, and as any of the pub quizzes or away game football matches do.

You count too.


You’re entitled to do this.

You don’t need permission to do this.

There’s a way through the confusing, overwhelming and suffocating aspects of your life that are happening right now…

A way to get some stillness.

Some time out.

Some clarity and purpose.

Some you.

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And I want to tell you something else, it needn’t be hard.

It won’t take reading dozens of different books recommended to you about how to balance motherhood and your life. You know the ones, the ones that’ll be the ones that help you figure it out. The ones you’ll absolutely make time to read…just once you can x, y and z done…

It won’t take implementing any complicated strategies, routines or changing everything around.

It won’t take you away from your life, disrupt everything, rattle your children, or compromise all that needs to get down, all that’s going on.
It won’t be another thing you try, that you cling on to, desperately hoping that this, THIS is the thing that’ll work.

Because you know what? With commitment and the desire to take action to change things, this is the thing that’ll work.

This is the Happy & Beyond Programme.

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The Happy & Beyond Programme is a unique system designed around proven, effective empowerment and action taking techniques and a clinically tested, evidenced based, life changing type of meditation therapy.

Put simply, this programme can change your life as you know it.

This in-depth Coaching and Meditation Programme is about taking control and growing in confidence to enable you to get back to, and become you again, helping you move you towards the life you want to live and the mum you want to become.

This isn’t about what you “should” be doing with your life, or how you “ought” to be mothering and balancing everything you’ve got going on, but rather about figuring out what’s truly important to you and your life, and seeing that when you are coming from this place, you will naturally and confidently be engaging more purposefully and lovingly with your family, your children and the life that surrounds you.

You’ll soothe and restore your body and mind through deep relaxation, learn techniques to process and reframe your past and current experiences and actions, and will work through a carefully tailored 4 step programme which follows a proven process of change and transformation.

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After 9 weeks you will:

  • No longer be feeling dragged down by those feelings of overload and overwhelm.
  • See a positive and clear transformation in how you perceive yourself and your abilities as both an individual and a mum having challenged and changed the negative beliefs you have about yourself and stopped those racing thoughts, doubts, insecurities, guilt.
  • Have the head space and confidence to start making a path for yourself and your ambitions again.
  • No longer be continually sacrificing yourself and your needs for others which result in those suffocating irritations and anxieties.
  • No longer identify yourself as just a “mum”.
  • Have accessed the strength and wisdom that you have inside you and detached from the psychological states that are holding you back from feeling empowered.
  • Be able to focus and concentrate on what truly matters; having the content, healthy life and mothering experience that you want. Feel stronger, calmer, happier.
  • Be brought back to YOU. To what you want. To who you want to be. To what you miss.

The Happy & Beyond Programme includes;

  • An intensive 9 week 1:1 online, or if you are local, in person coaching programme where we will work towards you becoming the connected, balanced, happy and calm woman and mum you want to be. Each week we will work deeply, focusing on what shifts you need to make as you journey through this time in your life to become the best version of yourself and as a mum you can be .
  • A 90 minute Introductory and Goal Setting session to start you off on your journey.
  • A Healing Welcome Pack which includes worksheets, homework and the essential elements you need for the programme. These will help you to get a clear picture of where you are now, and where you want to be so that you get the most out of your sessions.
  • Email and text support in between your sessions if something comes up that you want to talk through and that can’t wait until the next session.
  • A Centering and Closing Session where we look at how your personal journey after the programme will continue, and what measures and methods you will employ so that you continue moving onwards and upwards in the way you chose.
  • Lifetime membership to the Happy & Beyond Facebook Support Group.

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Over the course of 9 weeks , and with your clear intention, or desire that you want – and deserve – to get out of this place of overwhelm, this place of frustration, this place of unhappiness, and back to the life and joy that is there waiting for we will;

Work deeply to clear the stress that’s backed up and is now spilling out into your daily life.

We’ll use some of the most powerful and effective action, relaxation and empowerment techniques there are. Clear out the years of stress built up from serving, giving, compromising.

Release the guilt, the feelings of inadequacies and low self worth you carry around.

Using methods similar to hypnosis, but with less suggestion and more powerful, personalised intention, you’ll plant new empowering beliefs about yourself, and how you perceive yourself as a woman and mother, breaking through mental blocks and shifting the perceptions that are holding you back.

Challenge your concerns and fears you have about your life and where it’s headed.

Together we’ll filter out the beliefs you carry that aren’t accurate, the ones that don’t serve you and work to get clarity and a firm plan to move things forward in your life.

Start making confident decisions and changes in your life, your parenting, where you want it to go, how you want it to be.

To do this, we’ll create an action plan using proven, effective, specific strategies and tactics that take you to where you want to be, moving you forward and out of the fog and dissatisfaction you’re currently feeling

Embed a feeling of deep stillness and peace inside you and return you to acknowledging and honouring the belief that you count.

Using the techniques in this programme, we’ll get you back to feelings of calm, of positivity and of self worth that you are so desperately craving.

Finish the programme with an extensive toolbox of empowerment and positive mindset techniques which will serve you through life’s ups and downs.

Not only will the methods in the Happy and Beyond Programme serve as a solid, core foundation for the road ahead and its inevitable bumps, but through bonus, online workshops you’ll learn further techniques to apply to and support your health and wellbeing.

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The Happy and Beyond Programme is powerfully effective, requiring a level of commitment from you to show up to the sessions and to want to make and implement some changes.

So, the programme is right for you IF…

1.You want to stop feeling like you are serving everyone else all of the time, and never yourself.

2. You have a feeling – a lurking feeling deep down that doing what you’re currently doing – be it a stay at home mum, or a working mum – just isn’t “you”. Or that it’s not you any more and things have changed, you’re in a new place now.

3. You want something, and to be doing something for yourself and a plan on how to discover it and get it. Even if you’re not entirely clear on exactly what that is yet.

4. To feel like you’re a part of your life again, you’re not just living in everyone else’s, dipping into yours occasionally, only ever seeing glimpses of what it was like, and what it could be like. You want some of the old you back.

5. You want and are ready to make a change, a proper change so that your life as it is is better, happier and has a positive future ahead of it.

You count.

You really do.

And it’s time.

Book a free consultation with me

This programme can be done in person with me at my studio in North Wiltshire, or we can work remotely via Zoom. We’ll organise a clarity call before you make any commitment to the programme to make sure this is the right thing for you.
So, if you’re ready to make some changes, if you recognise where you’re at and know you need to take action, please email me at happybirthandbeyond@gmail.com or call me on 07711 810 103 to book a free, no obligation clarity call and we can figure out where to go next.

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