About Me

You don’t need to make dramatic changes to see a big difference.

It’s OK not to want to go hell for leather at stuff.

It’s the right changes that count. (And let’s face it, we’ve all got enough sh*t going on to introduce much more into the mix)

Alice O'ConnorI’m Alice, and I run happy birth and beyond. I have 3 children and I’m married to Oliver. I never iron my clothes, probably (definitely) eat too much chocolate, love the seaside, (especially the wild seaside), and often think I’m a lot funnier than I am…I still believe that I’m not old enough or sensible enough to have this level of responsibility, regularly feel like a complete imposter in my life and am an avid believer in love at first sight…

I’m also an a yoga nidra teacher, empowerment coach/teacher, breastfeeding peer supporter and doula.

I loved giving birth to my babies.

I’m intrigued by pregnancy.

I feel nourished and inspired when I work with, coach and support women who want to move positively towards improving their experiences as mothers and as individuals.

Working in hospitals in Chicago as a birth doula I loved supporting mums during their births and as a breastfeeding peer supporter on my local maternity ward, it’s been wonderful seeing babies breastfeed, particularly after struggling to.

I got hooked on Yoga Nidra after I discovered it whilst living in the U.S and get blown away by how powerful it can be in transforming people’s lives.

And at my core, I believe birth and the early moments, days and YEARS after birth are crucial to a baby’s and mum’s long term happiness and health. I believe it should be taken seriously.

Really seriously.

Much more seriously than it is.

So seriously that I would go so far as to say I think humanity depends on it.

But I also believe that it doesn’t take anything overly complicated to get to that place of health and joy; support, education, self care, respect. The things I teach and do, you could say. What I practice and preach in my business. How I work with women like you.

As an individual, I can’t be doing with fussy, certainly not anymore. Certainly not since becoming a mum.

I can’t be doing with over complicated systems and methods, having to spread myself too thinly, being with people who don’t “get” me and who don’t value me. And since you’re here, I’m guessing you can’t be doing with it all either.

Which is why happy birth and beyond employs the simplest, most effective, least “noisy” and confusing approaches to birth and motherhood education and empowerment there is.

Because I appreciate and like simplicity and ease and know its importance in birth and motherhood.

And because I know that loving, thoughtful, considerate, selfless and strong women, the women I love working with, women like you, do too.

So let’s get together, do the simple stuff (yay to that!), the stuff that counts, that works and let’s achieve so much.

Alice x