5 Things I learned About the Importance of Stillness and Peace This October

It’s half term this week so inevitably, its not all about stillness and peace with three children at home at the moment…! It is about kicking back, lolling around and being silly though…but in amongst it, trying to find pockets of time when I can retreat, and when the children can retreat and get some quiet down time to recharge and switch off after the busyness of the last term; it’s important for them to also experience peace in their non-stop, busy little lives.

It’s fair to say I love peace and quiet.

I love tranquility.

It doesn’t make me a recluse, and it certainly doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy listening to power ballads on car journeys, but it is something that connects me to me, so finding time to be still and just sit is so important, and feels soooo good.

We’re always learning stuff in life, and here a few things I learned this last month about the importance of retreating and being in silence.


1. Being quiet helps to “de-stimulate” me.

I can get over excited and over stimulated easily, especially in large groups of people, so finding somewhere to step out of the noise and activity means I can get back to the party and re-engage when it gets a bit overwhelming.

2. When the world around me is quiet, I notice things a lot more.

Especially my surroundings and the objects in it. Seeing things, actually looking at things and taking them in helps me feel grounded and connected to the moment.

3. In moments of peace, when things slow down, I can consider situations, circumstances and decisions with much more clarity and objectivity.

Decisions don’t feel quite so rushed. The pressure feels off.

4. When the world around me is quiet, my body relaxes.

I can physically feel it release and surrender. And it feels amazing.

5. Peace and quiet makes me appreciate the lovely sounds I live amongst every day.

My son’s sweet little voice, the old inherited clock ticking in the hallway, the wind in the trees outside, the kettle boiling. The soundtrack to my life. The things that comfort and fulfill me.


Growing up in the middle of the Welsh countryside played a fair part in my love of quiet.

But it was only when I was living in Chicago in 2013 when I really connected back to it again through yoga nidra. The place it took me to, and takes me to, is the most soothing, comforting and authentic place of quiet there is.

So spending time not only being in quiet in my everyday life, but practising quiet too through yoga nidra, means that when school holidays get a bit too rowdy, and the volume is cranked up to the max at home, I not only have a bank of peace to dip into, but a tool to use to get me back to the stillness and silence I always need.

Do you need regular quiet in your life too? How does silence and stepping back from the “noise” make you feel? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments box below.

Alice x


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