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Stop the Mummy Overwhelm.

Quit the craziness.

You’re done with it.

You are SO done with it.


Yep, I'm done.


Let’s keep things nice and simple. The way they should be (..and let’s be honest, the way you want them to be…)

Let’s stop overthinking.

Let’s step away from the parenting and baby information overload.

Let’s stop doing stuff…stop all the doing doing doing, thinking thinking thinking…and instead, take the things you need to navigate this time of your life back to basics.

To the things that actually work.
To classes and personalised 1-1 sessions that reduce your stress, anxiety, burnout.

To relaxation and meditation practices that are clinically proven to powerfully heal and revitalise you.

To tools and techniques that will change the way you approach and handle your parenting, and life, forever.

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I support and work with women to help them move out of their funk. Out of their fog…

…and on their way to the birth, mothering and life experiences they want.

Combining almost a decade of antenatal, birth and parenting education and experience with a specialist knowledge of yoga nidra meditation, coaching and empowerment techniques, I provide nurturing, powerful yet incredibly simple approaches to enable women to achieve the visions they have of their birth, their motherhood experiences and of the type person they want to be.

The visions that they see in their minds and feel in their hearts.

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My courses and classes calm and soothe overwhelmed mums.

They re-connect and energise worn out women who have lost themselves in the tangle of motherhood.

They support anxious pregnant mums approaching their births.

They deeply nourish and relax, and provide a safe space for you to learn techniques to achieve the freedom and experiences you want as a mum. That you want in your life. They enable you to see your path through all the mummy madness a bit more clearly, more positively, and build your confidence so that you feel centered in your life, proud of and true to who you are.

Whether you need to get a handle on things, or change what’s not working, I’m here to help you take control and accomplish the goal you have inside you about the mum you want to be, the birth you truly envisage, and the life you want to live.

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“Alice is a calming, strong, inspirational force. I highly recommend her services – every mum can benefit from her experience, knowledge and calming presence.”
“My sessions with Alice went beyond my expectations. I was amazed at how hugely they affected me and opened up a whole load of emotions I had no idea I was harbouring. I felt good after each session as I felt a sense of release and was also happy with myself that I gave myself some well deserved time to be me.”
“Alice’s sessions have been a tool I’ve been using to reduce anxiety in my life and they’ve definitely been a positive one. Alice has a real talent for this.”
“After my sessions with Alice, I fully appreciate how important it is to make time for myself. I have learnt that my stresses are probably passing on to my family and impacting them emotionally and physically. I would definitely use this resource again whenever I feel my levels of stress are getting too far beyond for me to cope with.”
“I think what I most enjoyed about Alice’s session was it allowed me to fully relax and be still, something I don’t think I have done in a long time as a mother and preparing for my next baby. It felt calm and tranquil. I enjoyed how relaxed and in control the session made me feel. It was great to feel completely lost in the session and for a brief time focus on nothing else than breathing, feeling and stillness. Alice’s session allowed me to regain focus, to slow down and to centre my thoughts.”

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